The London Loop – Legs 1-6: South of the River

The London Loop

After very much enjoying a lovely walk in the Chiltern’s with a friend late last summer I was keen to get out about about more often so when I came across the Loop I quickly found out more and bought the London Loop guide book to help along the way (affiliate link) – definitely recommended!

The London Loop is a 150 mile walk around London (all inside the M25) that is split into 15 different legs (by the guidebook), with the average length about 9-10 miles each and each leg starting and ending near public transport links. We have been doing on average 1 leg per month and are on track to complete the walk before the end of 2013.

We started the Loop at Erith besides the Thames, a place that feels a long way from London! From here the walk goes through many different areas that I would otherwise never visit or even hear about. The amazing thing about the first 6 legs is how little urban walking there is with so many parks, rivers, playing fields and country parks on route.

The guide book also points out additional transport links along the way so each leg can be made shorter or longer to fit people’s intentions. There are a few points where the directions in the book aren’t as clear as they could be and some parts of the walk are well signposted and others where this really isn’t the case. Overall I would say the book is very necessary and helpful but still expect the odd confusion along the way!

The first 6 legs which conclude the south of the river sections and a selection of photos are below.

1. Erith Riverside to Old Bexley – 8.5 miles

2. Old Bexley to Jubilee Park – 7.25 miles

3. Jubilee Park to West Wickham Common – 9 miles

4. West Wickham Common to Hamsey Green – 8.5 miles

5. Hamsey Green to Banstead Downs – 10 miles

6. Banstead Downs to Kingston Bridge – 10.75 miles

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I moved to London in October 2011 and am always keen to get out and about and find out what London has to offer.

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