The London Loop – Legs 7-11: West and North-West London

The Grand Union Canal

This is the second in a 3 part series on the London Loop. The first part of my London Loop write up covers legs 1 to 6 covering all sections south of the River Thames.

Just to recap, the London Loop is a 150 mile walk around London (all inside the M25) that is split into 15 different legs (by the guidebook), with the average length about 9-10 miles each and each leg starting and ending near public transport links. There are signs to follow however the London Loop guidebook (affiliate link) is pretty essential for not getting lost pretty often.

Leg 6 finished in Kingston with the next 5 covering the following:

7. Kingston Bridge to The Causeway – 9 miles (+1 mile station links)

8. The Causeway to Uxbridge Lock – 10.5 miles (+1 mile station links)

9. Uxbridge Lock to Moor Park – 9.25 miles (+1 mile station links)

10. Moor Park to Elstree – 11.5 miles (+0.5 mile station links) – Leg measured at about 13.8 miles by my mobile app

11. Elstree to Cockfosters – 10.5 miles – Leg measured at about 11.3 miles by my mobile app

The main highlights in legs 7-11 were as follows:

Leg 7 was a really nice walk (7 & 8 have been my favourites so far), starting in Kingston, passing through Bushy Park with all the deer and then following the River Crane was really pretty. My only problem with legs 7 and 8 is the station link to Hatton Cross which follows a busy dual-carriageway through Heathrow airport although the planes passing at a very low altitude as they land was something to behold.

Leg 8 was mainly spent following the Grand Union Canal. When you first come across the canal it is dirty and brown but after a mile or two becomes really picturesque and makes for such a lovely walk and its hard to believe that London and the M25 are so close.

Leg 9 was memorable again for the Grand Union Canal but also for then end which is Moor Park, to say this place is expensive would be a major understatement. The 5 minute torrential down-pour very near the end after a very sunny and warm walk was a little different too!

Legs 10 and 11 were both very pleasant (well 11 would have been had it not been for the incessant rain all the way) with some nice views of the local area and the crossing of the M1 and A1 pretty major milestones for the walk.

Still 4 legs to go but it feels like the end is in sight. Legs 12 and 13 are fairly short at between 8 and 9 miles whilst the loop saves the longest leg till last. Will report back in January / February 2014…

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I moved to London in October 2011 and am always keen to get out and about and find out what London has to offer.

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