The Tramshed Restaurant Review – Shoreditch

The Tramshed

32 Rivington Street, London EC2A 3LX


A drunk idea to chose informal birthday dining locations for each other, and so the first birthday location was the Tramshed. The Tramshed is part of the Mark Hix group of restaurants and one that is following the fashion to limit the menu to only a few dishes. In this instance the menu primarily consists of chicken and steak, both very good options!! The Tramshed is a slightly more upmarket restaurant (as least to me compared to other places reviewed on this blog anyway) in the Old Street/Shoreditch area.

The place itself is very nice, the decor is modern without being pretentious, and the cow in the glass case suspended from the ceiling in the middle of the restaurant is a great touch. One thing I do remember however was the moving picture in the gents which was a little off-putting!! (guys check it out, sorry girls the waitress informed us that this is only in the gents). The service on our visit was very friendly and helpful without feeling pushy and so full marks go there.

The Tramshed Chicken & Fries

As seems to be common for us these days, we began with starters which we chose the Moons Green cured meats £5 (think Peperami) and Crispy Sillfield Farm pork with peas and artichokes £5.75. The former was nice enough if nothing special however the pork was exquisite. Sadly the pork starter was very small with only 3 very small pork pieces however they were very special but slightly more would have been nice and not unreasonable.

The main menu as already mentioned is mainly chicken and steak. The prices are a little more than we usually pay, especially the steak so we opted for the whole chicken and fries for two which came to £25. The chicken is served “head” down on a special serving platter with legs still in tact that does add to the experience. The waitress then carved a couple of cuts into the chicken to help us serve ourselves from there. The meal is also accompanied with gravy which being semi-northern went down a treat with me, can’t beat gravy and fries (please don’t think less of me!!!). The portion is big enough to fill two growing people and will probably satisfy 3 in most cases. The chicken was very good although messing up chicken would be a damming issue for somewhere that only really does 2 main courses. We both felt full after starters and main so didn’t sample the dessert menu but they did look good having seen a few at other tables.




Overall I liked The Tramshed, the decor and atmosphere are very nice, the service was very friendly and the food was good. The lamb starter was unnecessarily small and the price of drinks was too high, even for this part of London. Will I visit again? Probably not, whilst I did enjoy my visit, there are better places serving better food at much better prices and of course many new places to try and review!

Overall Score: 6.5 (Food 7 but -0.5 for the cost of drinks)


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