Terrace Grill & Bar Piccadilly Review

Steak @ The Terrace


21 Piccadilly, London. W1J 0BH


Being a big fan of steak and having really enjoyed my Tastecard assisted visit to Fredericks, a look through the Tastecard steak options meant a trip to the Terrace Grill and Bar, situated in the Meridian Hotel on Piccadilly.

The restaurant itself is a lovely, airy and quite classy affair. Being part of a hotel did give the place a slightly different atmosphere to a more regular restaurants however it really is a nice place to be. The service we received throughout was also really excellent, even with us using a Tastecard (I have read about people getting slightly lesser service due to paying less however I am yet to experience this). On the subject of the Tastecard, the Terrace would usually be out of my price range however using the card gives 2-4-1 on all courses.

So on to the food. For starter I ordered the Pressed Pork Belly and Ham Hock (£8) and Jess ordered the Half Pint Devon Crab & Prawns (£10). The pork was very different to what I had imagined, firstly it was cold and as you will be able to see from the pictures below, was quite different than what springs to mind however it was really nice (although I still think it would have been better warm). Jess commented that the crab and prawns were very nice.

The Rib Eye Steak

The Rib Eye Steak

The main reason I chose the Terrace was the steak so for main I ordered Red Poll Beef Rib-Eye 12oz (£29), medium rare of course. The steak was AWESOME. It really was that good, one of the best I have had and it was a really good sized bit of meat too. The chipped potatoes were also very good although a few more would have been nice. Jess (for some reason) ordered the Steamed Welsh Seabass Parcel (£26) which was apparently very good although there was definitely some meat envy going on!

Chocolate Fondant

With budgets already having been blown for the night, dessert was in order, why the hell not! Jess ordered the Warm Seasonal Charlotte with Coulis & Clotted Cream (£8) which looked nice although again not as good as my choice, the Chocolate Fondant with Spiced Doughnut Sticks and Earl Grey Cream (£8) which was really great. The fondant was not too sweet and was just the right amount, and the spiced doughnuts accompanied the fondant really well.

I can safely say I was happily full by the end of the meal. The Terrace is not a cheap eat even with a Tastecard but the quality of the food was amazing.



A great meal, really good service, wonderful presentation and that steak, oh that steak! If you like steak but can’t or don’t usually spend that much, borrow a Tastecard and head to the Terrace Grill and Bar, you won’t be sorry. Oh and learn from Jess’s mistake and order the steak – medium rare!

Overall Score: 9 but remember to order the steak!



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