Red Dog Saloon Review

Red Dog Saloon - Punisher Burger

37 Hoxton Square, London, N1 6NN


With only one burger reviewed on so far, another was never going to be far away and after I saw a friend post a photo of a rather tasty looking burger, a trip to Red Dog Saloon was never going to be far away. Firstly a booking appears to be necessary during regular dining hours in the week (6-9pm) after trying to get a booking the previous week for 2 days in advance and there being nothing available.

Red Dog Saloon is based in Hoxton Square, a very easy location to get to, being just a short walk from Old Street station. We visited on a sunny Thursday evening and the restaurant was very busy, inside and out. The place itself is functional if not especially unique or memorable however we experienced good service on our visit.

Punisher Burger - Pulled pork, bacon and cheese

The menu is similar to that found at other American diner style restaurants Bodeans and Big Easy, but the speciality here certainly seems to be the burgers so Emma ordered the Californian burger (guacamole, bacon and mozzarella – £9.95) whilst I ordered the Punisher (pulled pork, bacon and cheese – £11.45).

A special mention here should be made for the Devastator burger which seems to be star of the show and I saw a fair few people ordering it which I didn’t expect for a burger costing £22.75! Observing it on a few other tables it’s pretty huge to say the least with 3 patties, pulled pork, 6 slices of bacon and 6 slices of cheese – maybe next time!!

The burgers at Red Dog don’t come with any sides (which does make the burgers quite expensive) so we ordered some fries, onion rings and mac and cheese. The quality of the sides was very good, the onion rings were large and crispy and the mac and cheese was especially tasty. My only negative here was the size of the sides which were rather small which is a shame considering the cost of the ingredients for the sides we ordered.

So onto the burgers which were very messy looking (a great sign for a burger!). I thought the overall quality of the beef was reasonable rather than anything special, the same could also be said about the pulled pork however the bacon was outstanding and made the burger (a comment made by both of us). The burgers at Red Dog are perfect proof that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and overall the burgers were excellent.

I really enjoyed my trip to Red Dog Saloon and will be certain to visit again sometime. It’s a shame that the sides were so small considering their cost however the burgers are good enough to overcome this.



An easy to get to location and excellent food make this a top place to eat in London if you are looking for a burger (and the ability to book is much better than the current trend of making people queue – no thanks). Value-wise Red Dog Saloon is fairly average, as are the portions (big burgers but stingy sides) but overall is well worth the trip.

Overall Score: 8


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