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Scallops @ Miz en Bouche


316 St John St, London EC1V 4NT


Miz en Bouche has a great reputation (supported by a 4.5 user rating for their Google Places listing which is unusual) and after finding out it was on the Tastecard I was very eager to visit. For a change I’ll share the views of Emma first then chime in with my two pence.


Emma’s review:

The king scallops and black pudding (£7.50) I had for my starter was very enjoyable, the scallops were well cooked and went really well with the black pudding which was also very tasty. The portion size was very generous and the whole plate was really nicely presented. My only criticism would be the puree which accompanied the dish as there wasn’t really enough of it to taste it properly, I could have done without it altogether and would have preferred another scallop instead!

For my main course I had the bavette (£16.50) which came with chips and a cooked mushroom. The steak was a generous size and was well cooked (I asked for medium rare and it was), however it didn’t have much flavour and was quite tough. It definitely wasn’t the best steak I’ve ever had and I was a bit disappointed with it overall. Having said that, the chips were really good but didn’t quite make up for the quality of the meat. Overall I really liked the restaurant, and would definitely go again, it was small but had a really intimate and cosy atmosphere. The red wine was also excellent, a very good choice by my dinner companion. Overall I would give it an 8 out of 10.


My review:

I started with the cured salmon, rye bread and chive cream (£4.80) which was very tasty although the chive cream was a little overpowering but at least you can just have less so not really a problem here. For main I chose the Barnsley lamb with Puy lentils. The lamb was very tasty although the lentils were very watery although I usually find this and at this stage I was experiencing serious fries envy which after being offered (stealing) one they were as good as Em writes above. I also ordered some dauphinois potatoes (£2.75) which were very good and a nice accompaniment to the lamb (far better than the lentils for me). The wine list was quite limited at the lower end but some great choosing again (by me of course!) meant we ended up with a really nice red (the name escapes me, sorry!).

I found the restaurant to be really cosy without feeling cramped. The service was good without being anything special and the food was good but no more. Overall I wanted to like Miz en Bouche more than I actually did. I’m not for a second saying it isn’t nice as that wouldn’t be true but I wouldn’t have been too happy to pay full price. With a Tastecard this is a great place to visit and I would certainly go back but without I think there is better just from the places I have been.



Good but not great. A lovely restaurant with a great atmosphere in the lovely area but overall the food just doesn’t quite live up to the expectations. With a Tastecard well worth a visit, without I’m not so sure.

Overall Score: 7.5 (Paul 7, Emma 8)



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