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31-35 Coate Street, London, E2 9AG


Firstly a little context, I love burgers and if only they were a tiny bit healthier I’m sure I’d eat even more but that’s probably another story. With the on-going trend of street food vendors setting up more permanent locations in London, Lucky Chip has decided on the residency option, currently in the Sebright Arms not far from Hoxton. The pub itself is functional rather than pretty but has a good atmosphere and despite visiting on a Monday night in November (I’m still catching up with my food adventures!!) it was very busy by about 7.30pm.

The menu is pretty standard burger/hot dog fair with prices around the £10 mark for burger and fries which is fairly average too. I decided on the bacon cheeseburger (the actual name eludes me right now) and chilli cheese fries. I was interested to compare Lucky Chip against competitor with a similar history, Meat Liquor which I visited last summer and I’m sure so have most people by now.

Lucky Chip

So the food came after a short while and my first impression was the casual nature of the presentation with the food coming on polystyrene plates and bowls. Moving past this the burger was a good size and so were the fries. When comparing Lucky Chip to Meat Liquor I was much more impressed with the chilli cheese fries at Meat Liquor (I need to vary my order more!!). These were a little bland and whilst the spiciness was probably a tiny but more than I would choose this probably means it was about right for most people (need more practice with spice!). So round 1 to Meat Liquor.

The burger however was a very different story, full of flavour, nice and moist and probably the best burger I have eaten in London so far. Continuing the comparison, I found the burger at Meat Liquor a little too small and not nearly as tasty so round 2 to Lucky Chip by some way.


Overall I enjoyed my trip to the Sebright Arms and Lucky Chip and if I was round that way again wouldn’t hesitate to stop by. I’d have liked a little more attention with the presentation but the taste of the burger more than made up for it. It will be interesting to see if Lucky Chip follows the trend and sets up on its own.

Having not been to Meat Mission that will probably be my next burger trip so let’s see how that fairs…

Overall Score: 7


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I moved to London in October 2011 and am always keen to get out and about and find out what London has to offer.

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