The Lofty Turtle Review

Lofty Turtle burger

505-507 Upper Richmond Road West, East Sheen, SW14 7DE


It will come as little surprise that I’m a little behind with certain reviews and I visited the Lofty Turtle just after New Year after buying a voucher from Living Social. The Lofty Turtle is not the easiest place to get to, especially on a day when the trains weren’t running but in the end we got all the way to East Sheen.

The Lofty Turtle is most certainly an American bar / restaurant and their choice of American craft beers certainly supports that with a HUGE selection. The day we were in there the place was very quiet but the service was excellent and the place has a very friendly atmosphere.

The King Kong Burger @ The Lofty Turtle

As I was using a deal we both had the King Kong burger which is 2 half pound burgers, crispy bacon, cheddar, jalapeƱos and spicy BBQ sauce but all the options on the menu sounds great! The burger comes on a set of scales which is very cool and the deal also included fries which for once despite being very nice were completely unnecessary when faced with a burger of such magnitude. The burger itself was very tasty and the bacon was perfectly crispy. My main grumble would be that there was too much meat (I know, I didn’t think there was such thing either!) and two quarter pounders would have meant the bacon and cheese flavour would have been greater. The other problem was eating the burger, it was so big that picking it up and eating was pretty much impossible and I ended up having to take one of the burgers out and then I still needed to cut the burger in half, first world problems indeed!

The fries were also really nice and crispy but sadly I couldn’t manage that many unsurprisingly! Meal over and I was well and truly stuffed, the food quality was great and I really enjoyed my visit to The Lofty Turtle. If I’m in the area I wouldn’t hesitate to pop in again sometime.



Overall Score: 8 A huge burger with a huge taste (and requiring a huge appetite!). I don’t say this lightly but a little less meat would improve the burger. Two quarter pound patties would make a good burger into an amazing burger and thus well worth the trip to SW London, that said there are plenty of other great sounding options on the menu!!



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