The Burrito Challenge: Chillango

Pork Burrito @ Chilango

So next on the Burrito challenge, Chilango who according to a few sources I have seen recently are leading the Mexican revolution in the UK. A little strong, probably, any good, lets see…

Location & Service

The first thing to notice when entering Chilango (Leather Lane location) is that replacing the standard move along a conveyor line set up is a more familiar queue (lots of queues to different tills just like McDonalds for example). This means that the queue doesn’t head out the door so quickly but does make the whole initial experience a little confusing. This also means that you need to know the options and your choice when you order as you don’t get to see and choose like all other competitors which is a shame as their signage in store is pretty awful.

So ending up at the front of the queue and not really knowing what the options are I unsurprisingly opt for the pork burrito (remember consistent, not boring!) with no extras (£6.99). This meant pork, black beans, rice, cheese, sour cream and lettuce. Not a bad start however I wish I had known that pinto beans were an options as I much prefer them to black beans. I’ve only just found out that this was an option when checking their website to check all my facts are right (remember, awful in store signs…).



Chilango Pork Burrito

Chilango Pork Burrito

Anyway back to the food. The weight was pretty standard, size bigger than average but it alas sadly it turns out this increase in size is mainly due to very liberal packing but hey ho, nothing too bad so far. So the main bit, taste. I have to say my first reaction was a rather bland burrito. The black beans were a bit nondescript, the pork felt rather rationed and the whole thing felt rushed. Again like earlier this wasn’t a terrible burrito but there was absolutely nothing that made me want to visit again.



At £6.99 without any sort of extras (tortilla chips, guacamole etc.) this has to be considered on the steep side. There are leaflets on each table trying to get people to invest in the business to help continue its growth and on growth so far they must be doing something right, sadly I’m not sure what that is. Chilango doesn’t do anything too wrong but with so much competition I fail to see why anyone would choose Chilango over the competition besides a proximity to a workplace which lets be fair is rather important however Leather Lane itself does have MANY other food options including Daddy Donkey (review coming soon).



Pretty average across the board. There have been some pretty spectacular reviews (according to the Chilango website) but I’m not sure how or why. There is nothing particularly bad about Chilango but I can’t for the life of me think of a reason I would go back. Harsh, possibly but the competition is pretty fierce in London…

Service: 6/10
Taste: 5/10
Value 4/10

Overall score: 5/10 Very average, enough said…

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I moved to London in October 2011 and am always keen to get out and about and find out what London has to offer.

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