The Burrito Challenge: Barburrito

Pork Burrito @Barburrito

First things first, I’m a big burrito fan so I thought it was about time to start my own London burrito league table which I’ll kick off with Barburrito in Farringdon (where I work).

I’ll be reviewing each burrito for location & service, taste & appearance, value and anything else that takes my fancy as I go (my site, my rules!!). As many have commented, I have been completely rubbish at adding new posts to the site so hopefully things will get better from here on in.

So burritos, theres nothing like feeling you could build muscles by bench pressing them, they are that weightily, just me ok…

Barburrito is pretty standard fair as far as the venue is concerned, very much in the same theme as Benitos Hat (in fact the more I think about it they are VERY similar in decor). The tried and trusted moving service meets you at the door with the standard options; mexican or lime rice, choice of meats, choice of salsa, guacamole (an extra cost, of course), cheese, lettuce, sour cream, all very standard but if it ain’t broke why try and fix it, right?

So hands up before we go on, pork is the best burrito filling, it did take me a little while to catch on (thanks Ems) but pork is nearly always my choice of filling these days but its good for comparisons anyway, nothing to do with me being boring, honest.

Pork Burrito @Barburrito

Location & Service

I can only describe the service as, well rubbish. Since when was shouting the way to go, yes you’re all very busy but shouting at all and everyone really isn’t great customer service, at least not in my book. After taking my order the initial “server” saw a friend, who of course then was allowed to cut in front of me in line (this is the UK, that is an absolute no no). I then went through the process of being asked at least twice for every choice I made as none of the staff were vaguely paying attention to any of the paying folk in there. They are also very tight on the extras such as cheese and sour cream, the latter is just not necessary and even after asking for a little more (she was not impressed at that) there was little more than you would find in a sachet of ketchup. Not a great start but I did end up with something resembling a burrito, eventually.


Taste & Appearance

Well let’s start with initial impressions (once I was back at my desk with by hopefully baby of joy). One word, light. I wasn’t building any guns working out with this burrito, a little less stingy would have been nice but let’s move on for now. I, as always went for the pork with mexican rice, mild salsa, cheese, sour cream and lettuce (which did give a very nice crunch). First, second and consequent tastes very actually much better than I expected after all that had gone before. The burrito (whilst small, have I mentioned that?) was nice and juicy and had a pretty good flavour. I’ve had better but I’m certainly not going to complain, all pretty good.



The pork burrito costs £6.15 so about average price (this might be my first burrito review but I’m pretty experienced!!) but for the size and how tight the staff are with fillings I think this is slightly over-priced, not terrible but there are better as I’ll review shortly. They have a loyalty card which gets you a free burrito after you buy 10, again pretty stingy compared to others around. I didn’t get a drink on this occasion but the drinks are probably a little cheaper than similar restaurants so credit here.



I really wanted to like Barburrito and there are things to like about the place. The actual burritos taste pretty good but sadly the combination of service and size of burrito leaves me a little disappointed. So near yet so far. On to the next…

Location & Service: 1/10
Taste & Service: 7/10
Value 6/10

Overall score: 5/10 could have been so much more

See the London Burrito League Table

After tweeting the review Barburrito got in touch asking if they could make it up to me. Of course I’m happy to give places a second chance (if they are paying of course) but not wanting to be too presumptuous I took the indirect route, one that Barburrito decided wasn’t worth a second thought. My 3/10 for service might have been a touch generous in hindsight, they can’t even deliver on social media. Score updated (or down-dated depending on your view)

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I moved to London in October 2011 and am always keen to get out and about and find out what London has to offer.

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