Big Easy – All You Can Eat Shrimp Night

332-334 Kings Road, Chelsea, London, SW3 5UR


All you can eat shrimp

I’ve written a review about Big Easy before so this will only be a short review about me finally completing the all you can eat set by visiting on a Tuesday evening for the shrimp.

I was a little curious about how they could make a shrimp night pay, shrimp isn’t known to be cheap and people like me can eat a fair amount! Having been I’m still not sure how for £14.95 they can make this pay however I can confirm its good!

The shrimp are very meaty and whilst I have seen bigger there is no need! The food comes in a basket which is always a great sign (I’m not a classy chap!) with about 10 deep fried shrimp and half a basket of fries. When it arrived my first thought was I could eat 3 or 4 baskets – I couldn’t… The fries are VERY good, too good in fact and I think I filled up on chips instead of shrimp, I fell for their trick!! The shrimp are tasty, moist and very filling although after finishing my first basket I ordered a second. I did manage to finish although in hindsight I probably shouldn’t have done. Emma unusually was more sensible and second time around only order a few extra shrimp. Both left full and happy, again!

Big Easy Margarita



I think my favourite all you can eat night is still the fajitas on a Wednesday however I really enjoyed the shrimp and have actually been for shrimp night again since my visit when I took these photos so it can’t be all that bad! The shrimps are very tasty, the chips are annoyingly great (I’d have room for more shrimp otherwise!) and as always the service is fantastic. Don’t tell too many people about this place or I’ll never be able to get a booking!

Overall Score: 7.25 (Paul – 7.5, Emma – 7)


Big Easy, Chelsea. Click to go to Google Maps

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