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28 Warren Street, London, W1T5ND

As is becoming the norm for me, my first visit to Bap & Pickle was a few months ago, although having now visited 3 times I feel I am well qualified to carry out a reliable review (the fact I have been 3 times should be the first indication that this place is not overly rubbish!!).

Bap & Pickle have taken over the pub (formerly / still?) known as The Smugglers Tavern on Warren St, an area that doesn’t have a wide range of restaurants, let alone such a currently cool sort of eating establishment. The restaurant area is functional without being spectacular (or possibly even that pretty, although it isn’t unpleasant and does the job), having said this I wouldn’t be surprised if this is due to a see-if-this-works strategy and if so, pretty the place up a little sometime soon. The atmosphere is very friendly and there is absolutely nothing that would put me off going again (which I have duly done).

Bap & Pickle

I can happily report that between the 3 visits, either myself or one of my friends have tried all 3 meat burgers (you don’t win friends with salad and I’ll extend this to vegetables!). On my first visit I played it safe and opted for the pulled pork burger (BBQ pulled pork, crisp lettuce, coleslaw and fried pickle – £7.50). Pulled pork has turned into my control food and the pork at Bap & Pickle was nice but nothing special (a solid 7/10). I ordered rosemary fries (£2.50) which came with homemade mayo and were really nice. My company that time ordered both the lamb and beef burgers too with scores of 7 for the lamb and 8 across the board for the beef.

On my subsequent visit I opted for the highly rated beef burger (beef shin, pale ale onions, smoked cheddar, crisp lettuce, coleslaw, pickled walnut mayo, pickled cabbage – £8.50) and I can safely say I dine with people of good taste! The beef was one of, if not the best burger I have had in London so far and I like to think I have had enough to be approaching being a knowledgeable source of this!! Again I ordered the rosemary fries although it appeared rosemary was being rationed that visit and so they weren’t quite as good.

On my final visit (which due to client entertaining was kindly-ish funded by my then employer, I pushed the boat out and ordered accompanying BBQ chicken wings (£4.50) and Mac n’ Cheese croquettes (£4.50). Both were very good, the chicken pretty much fell off the bone for the wings (always a good sign) and despite being a rather odd idea (how do people come up with such ideas??!) the mac n’ cheese croquettes were a nice side with burger and fries although I’m not sure they were quite worth £4.50 but that will probably depend on your liking for regular mac n’ cheese and they are well worth trying.

Bap & Pickle

Drinks at Bap & Pickle are pretty standard for the type of venue, a little over priced but not enough to leave a sour taste in the mouth. I would reiterate this for all prices at Bap & Pickle, not a venue most would visit too often for either the sake of wasteline or wallet but then again this is London so that can be said for many places. The service was good and you can also book which regular readers on here will know pleases me no end!!

I think I have a new favourite burger in London although I would very much like to try both Bap & Pickle and Lucky Chip closer together to be sure. Now no longer working in the area I can’t really see myself visiting again, nothing to do with the excellent food but there isn’t a great deal else in the area with most of the boozers a little on the less interesting side.

Overall Score: 9

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